Organizational consulting is aimed at delivering mental performance education and training to a membership base or workforce. Mental skills training, originally developed within the context of sport and performance enhancement, has now found a wide range of application outside of sports and the performing arts. Corporations, educational institutions, professional organizations, and even the armed forces are all getting on board with the idea that mental factors play a significant role in determining performance outcomes.


Organizational consulting comes in many shapes and sizes, from one-off speaking engagements at meetings and conferences to long-term partnerships with clients aimed at transforming internal processes and company culture. Click on one of the tabs below to learn more about the available consulting options.

Lecture-style slide presentations are still the quickest and easiest way to disseminate information to a large group of people. From delivering keynote addresses at national and international conferences to participating in expert panels and Q&A sessions, Ripe Minds can deliver both the expertise and oratory skills to provide engaging and informative talks to meet the needs of any organization. Presentations can provide a general overview of mental performance training or delve into a specific topic that is particularly relevant to your industry or performance domain.


The Ripe Minds Process

In your free initial consultation, you will share the details of your performance goals, and we will explain in practical language the benefits of working with a consultant to develop a systematic approach to mental training. If the relationship is a good fit, we will design and implement a customized training program that is aligned with your stated needs and goals. Although the uniqueness of each situation makes it difficult to describe the “typical” consulting relationship, it is common to begin with one hour of consultation per week and quickly adjust the frequency and duration up or down as need dictates.

There is also a broader overarching trajectory for the consulting process that comprises three somewhat overlapping phases:


Guided Application

Full Implementation

The Ripe Minds Approach

What sets Ripe Minds apart from other performance consultants? The distinguishing characteristics of our approach are a client-centered focus on the self-determined goals of the individual or team, a holistic perspective that aims at developing the complete person behind the performer, and an insistence upon evidence-based strategies, with an emphasis on the use of mindfulness techniques to enhance self-awareness, concentration, and emotional regulation.

We believe that when approached with the Ripe Mindset, the pursuit of performance excellence can also profoundly enrich your life outside the performance domain.   The mental strategies and perspectives that enhance skill-learning and performance fundamentally target self-awareness, self-regulation, and effective communication, all of which translate into more satisfying life experiences and relationships overall. Don’t forget that you engage in your chosen performance activity because it provides a steady supply of enjoyment and delight. Never lose that sense of playfulness!  


A Ripe Mind is a Playful Mind.

To begin, begin.




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