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Welcome! Thank you for taking an interest in my professional practice and creative passion. My story is one of insatiable curiosity and a lifelong pursuit of personal growth and expansion. Even as an adolescent, I was something of a truth-seeker and self-improvement junky. Whether studying academic subjects, practicing sports, playing video games, or mowing the lawn, I have always felt an instinctual drive to excel. Over time, I developed a keen appreciation for the indispensable role of the mind in developing and demonstrating expertise, whether in academics, athletics, or any domain of performance.

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Dr. Dave Schroerlucke, Ripe Minds Founder

High Energy Physics Lab, University of Florida 1999

As a precocious teenager (that promising young man working in the lab), my first passion was seeking answers to existential questions through interdisciplinary study at the intersection of philosophy and the natural sciences. In college I took courses without much regard for the artificial boundaries between disciplines, studying everything from anthropology, comparative philosophy, and religion to evolutionary biology, quantum physics, and cosmology – essentially anything that might offer some insight into the fundamental nature of the self and this so-called reality. I ended up earning my bachelor's degree in physics and completed a research project with the high energy particle physics group at the University of Florida in which we built an upgraded version of a bubble chamber to detect short-lived particles produced in high energy collisions at Fermilab (I know, who brought the dork, right?). Click here to read my research paper if you dare. 

My affinity for theoretical over experimental physics prompted me to pursue graduate study in advanced mathematics. It was during this time that I discovered the inherent beauty of math and fell in love with the study of math for its own sake. For most of my adult life, I have been sharing my appreciation of math as a teacher at every level from 4th grade through college. I have also presented at national conferences for math education (NCTM, AMTE) and written an online professional development course for math teachers (click here to view course) on the subject of understanding and combating math anxiety, the number one obstacle to young people pursuing careers in science and technology. The impact of my background in math and physics, the hardest of the hard-nosed sciences, is evident in my insistence upon providing a cogent rationale and empirical support for all performance enhancement principles and techniques. 

Understanding and Combating Math Anxiety

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Dr. Dave Schroerlucke playing pool

Mezz West State Tour, 2016

Throughout my youth, when I wasn't dorking out, I also participated in a wide range of team and individual sports including baseball, basketball, volleyball, tennis, table tennis, and pool. At the age of 20, I started working in my father’s pool hall while attending college and subsequently spent an unjustifiable portion of my early twenties developing a relatively high level of expertise at this under-appreciated sport. Through competing in national and regional Pro-Am tournaments, most recently in the Mezz West State Tour, I gained an experiential understanding of the dizzying variety of mental battles faced when attempting to compete or demonstrate competence with prize money and social recognition on the line. I frequently draw upon this experience as a source of empathy and insight when working with athletes and performers, and I continue to compete in order to maintain close contact with that feeling of "being in the hot grease" of competition.

My fascination with the mental side of performance ultimately led me to pursue a doctorate in clinical psychology (Psy.D) with a specialization in the psychology of sport and performance. I chose the California Institute of Integral Studies because of its rich history serving as a model of integral education, meaning that it adopts a holistic rather than a reductionistic view of the human being and attempts to skate the razor's edge between science and spirituality. In my dissertation, Choke Artists and Clutch Performers (available free online by clicking here), I curated and critiqued three decades of academic and popular literature on the phenomenon of performance under pressure - painstakingly sifting through the chaotic and at times conflicting research results in an attempt to distill the information down to the essential psychological traits and skills that distinguish performers who excel in high-stakes situations from those that falter.


Doctoral Dissertation, 2015


I created Ripe Minds Performance Consulting to provide a platform from which to offer my knowledge and expertise in helping individuals and teams optimize performance through mental training. I thrive on the pursuit of excellence and, should you choose to work with me, you will immediately recognize the unmistakable energy and enthusiasm of someone working in an area of true passion. If you have a lofty vision of yourself that you would like to manifest, I want to be the catalyst to help you clarify that vision and develop the mindset necessary to stay positive and resilient through the inevitable hurdles that arise along the path to mastery. I assure you that I can help you realize your fullest potential.

With you in the pursuit,

Dr. Dave

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