I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy.
I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it.


Amidst the mental performance consulting landscape, the Ripe Minds approach is most distinguished by the following four features:

Client-centered | Evidence-based | Holistic | Mindful


Because the experience of performing or competing is deeply personal and subjective, every individual or team brings a unique set of circumstances. The consulting relationship must therefore always begin with a clarification of the client’s goals and expectations. At every step along the way, the consulting process should be collaborative, whereby the consultant continually seeks out and integrates client feedback in order to better tailor the training to the client’s needs. At Ripe Minds, all mental training programs are customized to help each client achieve their own self-determined performance objectives.

To say that an approach is evidence-based is simply to acknowledge that the discipline is a science, and that practice should always be informed by the most current, well-established research. Dr. Dave is committed to staying up-to-date on developments in the field by being an avid consumer of research, attending and speaking at conferences hosted by prominent organizations, and staying connected with other dedicated practitioners. At Ripe Minds, our goal is to assist athletes and performers at all levels in realizing their personal visions of excellence with the practical application of cutting-edge science.

The holistic approach amounts to a recognition that a person cannot be reduced to simply being an athlete or performer. Each individual exists within a complex web of roles and relationships, and if any aspect of the self is suffering or out of balance, then performance is likely to suffer. Because people tend to practice and perform in much the same way that they live, performance consulting involves helping people achieve the mental attitudes and skills that transcend context and produce excellence not only in a specific performance domain, but also in relationships and life in general. At Ripe Minds, we view clients first and foremost as persons who have stories and visions that need to be understood, rather than merely performers who have problems that need to be fixed.

Mindfulness is the new frontier in performance enhancement. In addition to demonstrated effectiveness in treating anxiety and depression, mindfulness practice been shown to produce a host of benefits related to overall well-being such as reducing stress, increasing concentration, and enhancing emotional regulation. Mindfulness, to put it simply, is about becoming more conscious of how our thoughts create the conditions for our experiences. Our thoughts have tremendous power to place unnecessary limitations on ourselves or to open us up to previously unimagined possibilities. Individuals and teams that want to realize their highest potential must be willing to challenge their current mindset and seek a deeper understanding of themselves and who they can become.